Sunday, July 18, 2010

Summertime and the Livins easy

Hmmmm first post....what to put?
Well its definitely been a year for trying new things and meeting new people for me. Some good, some bad but never boring. First time Ive ridden on an airplane, ridden on the back of a motorcycle, had my own apartment, been away from my kids :(, had sushi, snuck in to a movie, raced at high speeds down the loop 101. I've experienced so much this year and my only real regret is that I didnt take more pictures. But I did take some.
My guy, Benji, was out here visiting for what we thought was going to be a quick trip and ended up being a 4 month long adventure. He left this morning to go back to florida, where he lives and I discovered myself sitting here with a little extra time on my hands. I really didn't want to mope and be all "emo" so I decided to make a blog. And here I am.
So before Ben left this morning we took a final pic together. I couldn't help but compare it to the picture we took the night he got here.

I personally like the second picture better :)


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